One of the reasons why I love Taiwan is the amount of hikes you can find along the whole island. This time we planned to make a weekend trip to Yuanzui (鳶嘴山), a mountain close to Taichung. We were expecting to reach the highest point and enjoy the pretty nice views we had seen in several blogs but, once again, we were not really lucky with the weather…. since we started the hike, there was a heavy fog  so which we could barely see much more than our closer trees.

DSC09327_lzn_wm DSC09309_lzn_wm

After less than 2 hours the walk started being a bit more difficult and the ropes that had been accompanying us all the way were now quiet useful. To make it even more complicated it started raining so the ground was too slippery and, after some attempts, we  finally decided to return. After all ,the whole point of reaching the peak was to enjoy the view and that day we were not gonna be able to see anything.

DSC09300_lzn_wm DSC09307_lzn_wm

The next morning the idea was to wake up early to see the sunrise but guess what… this was not our weekend… this is the best picture I could take of the sunrise:


Our minds were already thinking about the warm breakfast which was waiting for us in our accommodation but before that we were going to spend sometime when we met these little guys who well deserved our attention and pictures:

DSC09410_lzn_wm  DSC09434_lzn_wm

After eating something we would still have time to take another walk before returning the rental car in Taichung and heading to Taipei. There are some big trees and nice forests around this area which totally worth you to take your camera and start shooting…

DSC09462_lzn_wm DSC09473_lzn_wm

…but before you do so, make sure you check the weather! More pics here


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