Dongshan Lantern Festival

On my previous post I talked about my trip to Wuling to see the cherry blossom (aka sakura). Staying close to the farm was not easy as many people were already booking all the possible affordable accommodations so we stayed in Yilan.

Our intention was just to rent some bikes and ride them following the river. I didn’t take any picture of it this time as I already did exactly the same some years ago (you can see some pics here). However, we were lucky enough to see that those days the Dongshan Lantern festival was taking place there and of course we were not going to miss the opportunity to takeĀ a look!.

DSC09038_lzn_wm DSC09062_lzn_wm DSC09065_lzn_wm DSC09075_lzn_wm DSC09084_lzn_wm DSC09086_lzn_wm DSC09092_lzn_wm DSC09108_lzn_wm DSC09126_lzn_wm DSC09137_lzn_wm DSC09141_lzn_wm DSC09146_lzn_wm DSC09150_lzn_wm DSC09154_lzn_wm DSC09164_lzn_wm DSC09178_lzn_wm

More pics here

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