Taroko National Park

Taroko National Park is without doubts one of the must see of this beautiful island. This was my third visit and this time I was finally able to do one of the permit required hiking.  If you are lucky enough to live in Taiwan or you have been travelling here before you probably are aware that several hiking around the island can not be done without requesting the corresponding permit. Furthermore, some of them can not be done at least there is a Taiwanese in your group. Here you can check the availability of the hikings.

This time was the turn of Zhuilu Old Trail which starts with a suspension bridge that leads you into a leafy forest and ends reaching a high pass where you will get a pretty nice views:

DSC08794_lzn_wm DSC08724_lzn_wm DSC08730_lzn_wm DSC08790_lzn_wm

DSC08774_lzn_wm DSC08740_lzn_wm

DSC08777_lzn_wm DSC08773_lzn_wm

The hike was actually closed after the pass due to some collapses from the last typhoons so we had to go back. I can’t remember exactly but I think it took us around 4h to complete it. As we were able to book a place inside the national park (the easy option is to stay in Hualien), we had plenty of time to do some others small walks and hikes.

DSC08813_lzn_wm DSC08820_lzn_wm DSC08898_lzn_wm DSC08975_lzn_wm

And of course, no visit to Taroko is completed without visiting the Changchun shrine (Eternal Spring Shrine)

DSC08964_lzn_wm DSC08959_lzn_wm

And, in the way back to Taipei it is always worth it to stop to take some pics of the Qingshui Cliff


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