Sixty Rock Mountains

Weekend trip to the Sixty Rock Mountains (Liushishi Mountain) to enjoy the Daylily Season

 DSC05982_lzn_wm DSC05963_lzn_wm DSC05969_lzn_wm DSC05973_lzn_wm DSC05978_lzn_wm DSC05950_lzn_wm DSC05951_lzn_wm DSC05956_lzn_wm DSC05961_lzn_wm DSC05943_lzn_wm DSC05945_lzn_wm DSC05949_lzn_wm DSC05913_lzn_wm DSC05935_lzn_wm DSC05892_lzn_wm DSC05894_lzn_wm DSC05908_lzn_wm DSC05910_lzn_wm DSC05881_lzn_wm DSC05886_lzn_wm DSC05859_lzn_wm DSC05861_lzn_wm DSC05863_lzn_wm DSC05848_lzn_wm



In the way back to Hualien we took the seaside road to enjoy the Taiwanese eastern coast. We were able to take some pics of the Sansiantai Bridge which unfortunately was closed:

DSC06016_lzn_wm DSC06018_lzn_wm DSC06033_lzn_wm DSC06013_lzn_wmDSC06035_lzn_wm DSC06043_lzn_wmDSC06037_lzn_wmDSC05998_lzn_wmDSC06008_lzn_wmDSC06039_lzn_wmDSC06040_lzn_wmDSC06038_lzn_wm

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