Matsu is easily accesible flying from Taipei Songshan airport and move between some of the main islands with different ferries

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Although Matsu is pretty close to China (indeed, it can be seen from some of the islands) it belongs to Taiwan. Is a strong military point for the Taiwanese army and you can see bases all around  DSC06156_lznresized_wm      DSC06455_lznresized_wm DSC06454_lznresized_wm DSC06451_lznresized_wm DSC06448_lznresized_wm DSC06447_lznresized_wm DSC06211_lznresized_wm DSC06213_lznresized_wm DSC06144_lznresized_wm DSC06172_lznresized_wm DSC06150_lznresized_wm DSC06136_lznresized_wm DSC06357_lznresized_wm DSC06176_lznresized_wm

Said that, the government is trying to make the archipelago more touristic and it counts with several hostels in the small towns scattered through the islands

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Matsu is famous for its Kaoliang, so you have the opportunity to get a good souvenir for your liver

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Quick tip for the photographers out there, prepare your tripod for some goods sunsets and don’t forget to visit in Kinmen the world tallest Matsu statue in the world which is beautifully illuminated during the night!

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