Xiaoliuqiu sounded like a good idea to escape from the city one more time though, situated in front of Kaohsiung, it’s a long trip from Taipei. The ferries departures from Donggan and seems to be several ones in a day, you can get more info here.

As in the other Taiwanese islands, the best option is to rent a scooter and explore by your own. Xiaoliuqie offers ships, temples, good food (I specially loved some kind of meat balls there!), a eccentric church and in general, a peaceful atmosphere:

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A couple of must do to take in account. See the sunset from Geban bay


DSC08082_lzn_wm  DSC08063_lzn_wm

And join to some tour to do some snorkelling as you might be lucky and see some big turtles!


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