Busan, my second visit to South Korea. This time was the turn to enjoy  the second largest city in the country. First, an advice for future travellers, we stayed in one of these hostels where you really feel like home (http://www.insidebusanhostel.com/). Jiyeon, the owner, was super friendly and we had good conversations with her and she gave us very good advises to prepare our trip.

Firstly we visited the Yonggungsa temple which was one of the must see of the city in all guides that passed through our hands. It’s a bit far form the center but it worth a visit:

DSC06535_lzn_wm.resized DSC06558_lzn_wm.resized DSC06545_lzn_wm.resized

It was September so we knew it was going to be difficult to take a swim but we still wanted to give a walk next to the Haeundae Beach. After that, we decided to make a long night walk and we were able to us to take several pictures of the buildings and Songjeong Beach.

DSC06643_lzn_wm.resized DSC06652_lzn_wm.resized DSC06657_lzn_wm.resized DSC06704_lzn_wm.resized DSC06702_lzn_wm.resized DSC06699_lzn_wm.resized DSC06696_lzn_wm.resized DSC06692_lzn_wm.resized DSC06679_lzn_wm.resized DSC06676_lzn_wm.resized DSC06671_lzn_wm.resized DSC06669_lzn_wm.resized DSC06662_lzn_wm.resized DSC06661_lzn_wm.resized DSC06660_lzn_wm.resized

If you go to Busan, definitely you should spend half day getting lost in Gamcheon Cultural Village

DSC06716_lzn_wm.resized DSC06713_lzn_wm.resized DSC06714_lzn_wm.resized DSC06733_lzn_wm.resized  DSC06739_lzn_wm.resized DSC06741_lzn_wm.resized

We wanted to get up to the Busan Tower, the idea was to take a good pictures of the sunset but it got too cloudy so we decided to wait until nightfall and definitely it worth it.

DSC06803_lzn_wm.resized DSC06837_lzn_wm.resized DSC06834_lzn_wm.resized DSC06832_lzn_wm.resized DSC06830_lzn_wm.resized DSC06827_lzn_wm.resized DSC06825_lzn_wm.resized DSC06822_lzn_wm.resized

Last day, before going to the airport, we went to visit the Beomeosa Temple and we did a close short hiking to get a panoramic out the city

DSC06879_lzn_wm.resized DSC06852_lzn_wm.resized DSC06858_lzn_wm.resized DSC06865_lzn_wm.resized DSC06872_lzn_wm.resized DSC06885_lzn_wm.resized  DSC06906_lzn_wm.resized DSC06900_lzn_wm.resized

Not need to say that one of the highlights of South Korea is to enjoy the local food…who can resist to try an authentic Korean BBQ?

If you got in this website trying to find out if Busan worth a visit, the answer is yes 😉

DSC06760_lzn_wm.resized  DSC06570_lzn_wm.resizedDSC06784_lzn_wm.resized

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