After living in Japan for some months it was already time to see the Fuji with our own eyes. We went to Fujikawaguchiko which, besides the longed-for view of Mt. Fuji, has many others attractions to offer. The whole area well worth a visit by itself with its lakes and surrounding mountains.

Fujikawaguchiko  Fujikawaguchiko

Moving around is pretty easy as they got some touristic hop-on hop-off bus lines which will take you to all the highlights by a fixed price (+info). One of the places I recommned to visit are some of the caves around the area which maintain a really low temperature the whole year. In fact, the locals have been using them during many years to store ice…who needs a refrigerator?

Fujikawaguchiko Fujikawaguchiko Fujikawaguchiko

One of the must see places is Saiko ‘Iyashi no Sato Nenba’ , a traditional Japanese village with small local shops, exhibitions and craft art. These old houses are the perfect spot to take a rest and enjoy the peaceful sounds of the birds and the close river. If you are lucky enough to get a clear sky you will see the Fuji through the picture window in the background.

Fujikawaguchiko Fujikawaguchiko Fujikawaguchiko Fujikawaguchiko

And of course, the main reason to come to Fujikawaguchiko was to (finally) be able to take some pics of Fuji. If for a strange reason you have read my previous posts you will already know by now that I always try to get high (no, I don’t mean that way…not now at least) to get a good view. At the most east side of the Kawaguchiko lake there is a rope-way that takes you up to a hill where you will get a pretty good panoramic view, not only of the Fuji, but of the lake too.

Fuji Fujikawaguchiko

From that point starts a hiking which unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to do. In any case, we walked into that route for 20 minutes to get rid off most of the tourist….so we could keep taking pictures of one of the symbols of Japan!

Fuji Fuji

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