After the first stop of our Philippines trip in Donsol & Legazpi, we stopover for a day in Manila (a few pictures here) and we were ready to face some beaches again. This time we were going to jump to Bohol with three main ideas : beaches, tarsiers and  The chocolate hills.

We only had a couple of days before reaching Cebu’s airport for our next flight so, the first day we focused on the main island where you can visit the Tarsier Sanctuary to enjoy these little guys.


As we were explained,  there are other places in Bohol where you can see them but some of them are illegal and the treatment they received is not really good. I did not have time to contrast such information but I didn’t want to take risks so we decided to come to the official sanctuary to see them. The tarsiers are nocturnal animals so, during the day they basically sleep and they don’t move much. People working in the sanctuary go through the whole area all early mornings to localize them so, once they have spotted a few they know they will be able to show them to the visitors as the tarsiers will remain in the same place until the next night.

DSC09904.resized.jpg DSC09899_lzn.resized.jpg

Another good reason to visit them here is that, the sanctuary is basically an open space (can’t really say how big it is), meanwhile than in other places they might keep them in cages which is specially harmful for them. Why do I say that? Tarsiers are known to get easily stress in such circumstances and they can push themselves to commit suicide! More info about this subject here. Another interesting fact is that, besides their cute faces (the evil one was just yawning ^^) they can be really bad asses between them as they are extremely territorial.

Continuing our way through Bohol we could enjoy some other interesting places like the Bohol Man-Made forest (and its dark side) , some fields and (as expected) hundreds of  tricycles along the way!

DSC09929_lzn.resized.jpg DSC09918_lzn.resized.jpg DSC09890_lzn.resized.jpg

And finally we arrived to our last highlight of the day: The Chocolate Hills!

DSC09937_lzn.resized.jpg DSC09953_lzn.resized.jpg DSC09954_lzn.resized.jpg

I was afraid of how we were going to find them as I have read that they were partially damaged by a pretty strong earthquake in 2013 but, we didn’t find any sign of it. It is true that, due to our narrow schedule, we could only enjoy them from a specific lookout and they might be more affected in some other places.

As we had planned, the next day would be a relaxed one enjoying the beaches of Panglao where we had our acommodation. Panglao is a not so small island at the south of Bohol being both conveniently connected by a couple of bridges.  If you are looking for beaches in Bohol this is you place!


DSC09975_lzn.resized.jpg DSC09983_lzn.resized.jpg

DSC09993_lzn.resized.jpg DSC00023_lzn.resized.jpg


All pics here

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