Long weekend in Ho Chi Minh to meet some friends. I was arriving earlier than them so my plan was to visit the highest building to have a good view of the city landscape. I prefer the nature tourism than the city one but for sure, when I am visiting a city I always try to get to the highest point.

Here there were no doubts as there are no many high buildings and the Bitexco Financial Tower can be easily spotted out if you are not far from the center. Theses are the views from the top:

DSC07715_lzn_wm DSC07716_wm DSC07732_lzn_wm DSC07718_lzn_wm DSC07717_lzn_wm

After meeting my friends it was time to do the mandatory city walk under a terrible sun…some kilograms were lost that day

DSC07754_lzn_wm DSC07756_lzn_wm DSC07792_lzn_wm DSC07795_lzn_wm DSC07906_lzn_wm

The city itself doesn’t have as many monuments as other cities might have but definitely a visit to the War Remnants Museum is a must. Some parts (as the agent orange section) can bee too strong for some people but I would definitely recommend to visit it if you have the chance , I found it quite interesting and shocking.

DSC07788_lzn_wm DSC07789_lzn_wm DSC07791_lzn_wm

And what do you do when you meet a bunch of friends who are living in different countries and you haven’t see for a while? Yes, that night we had to go out… but we decided to stop it before it was too late as we had to wake up early the next day. Our objective: pay a visit to the Mekong. I have to say that it was the typical tour where you don’t see much but you are asked to pay for every single thing. In any case the tour guide was good so there were some interesting points and anyway…leave the hot city for some hours sounded like a perfect plan.

DSC07810_lzn_wm DSC07812_lzn_wm DSC07813_lzn_wm DSC07829_lzn_wm DSC07834_lzn_wm DSC07835_lzn_wm DSC07837_lzn_wm DSC07874_lzn_wm

Once back in the city, my friends had to continue their trip to Camboya while I still had the rest of the day free before I had to catch my fly back to Taiwan. I still would had time to meet my ‘local’ friend one more time after doing a night walk. Definitely the city looks better at night:

DSC07913_lzn_wm DSC07981_lzn_wm DSC07980_lzn_wm DSC07979_lzn_wm DSC07977_lzn_wm DSC07976_lzn_wm DSC07972_lzn_wm DSC07970_lzn_wm DSC07963_lzn_wm DSC07961_lzn_wm DSC07959_lzn_wm DSC07954_lzn_wm DSC07947_lzn_wm DSC07943_lzn_wm DSC07936_lzn_wm DSC07933_lzn_wm DSC07932_lzn_wm DSC07923_lzn_wm

One last advice, rooftop bars in Ho Chi Minh are insanely cheap (around 1$ for a beer in one of the highest buildings in the city with live music…)!

See you next time Saigon!

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