Gion Matsuri

The Gion Matsuri (祇園祭) is one of the most famous festivals in Japan so we had to pay Kyoto with another visit. This annual festival has different celebrations being the main event a big parade called Yamaboko Junkō  (山鉾巡行). That’s the one we saw and,  as expected, we were not going to be alone…

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The big ‘floating shrines’ are the most significant part of the parade and they are indeed pretty big carrying each of them more than twenty persons

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These ancient shrines have person-size wheels and are being pushed by hundreds of helpers. Make them move seems a relatively easy task but, when they need to turn the corner is another story (as the wheels have a fixed axis). The whole ceremony is slow and is mostly accompanied by drumbeats

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Besides the people in the shrines and the ones moving them, there are many other playing drums, carrying banners, or simple walking with traditional customs resulting a pretty multitudinous parade.

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