New weekend new trip, this time to Nantou. The main goal was to visit the Lotus Forest (忘憂森林):



However we didn’t miss the opportunity to visit to Chung Tai Chan Monastery which is the tallest Buddhist temple in the world:

DSC05396_lzn_wmDSC05381_lzn_wm DSC05378_lzn_wm DSC05388_lzn_wm DSC05387_lzn_wm DSC05383_lzn_wm

To end the weekend we decided to make a small hiking to enjoy the fresh air of the mountains which is highly appreciated when you has to support the summer in Taipei…

DSC05437_lzn_wm  DSC05445_lzn_wm DSC05452_lzn_wm DSC05464_lzn_wm DSC05461_lzn_wm DSC05455_lzn_wm DSC05478_lzn_wm DSC05471_lzn_wm

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